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Dear my friends,

As soon as you read this introduction, you are heading to start your own business.

As you know, family and children are the greatest assets we ever have. And your start up should closely related to these prime assets. We remind ourselve the reason of working 8 hours a day, it is to take care of our family and children. So why don’t we establish our own business system, and then when everything goes into orbit, our cash flows and income will increase, especially to online business models and passive incomes. When the time comes, we – MANAGERS  should devote ALL OF OUR NECESSARY TIME  for  OUR FAMILY AND CHILDREN.

Right now, you are probably asking yourself gains and losses of an 8 hour-employment and being active manager to completely control your time.

And if you don’t start soon – you will not be in control of your money and time early – your kids are growing up and you might miss their childhood. And you know – Childhood is only once in a lifetime.

In this book, we will provide you 7 steps to establish your own business system. Furthermore, you should have an idea of 5 most bestseller product in the current market in order to get a frame of reference and improve your business:


  • Making Money Products
  • Educational Products
  • Entertainment Products
  • Health and Wellbeing Products
  • Time Saving Products


Table of contents:

Chapter 1: Reasons For Business Startups

Chapter 2: Guide 7 Steps Building Your Business


  • Step 1: Creating a plan
  • Step 2: Setting realistic goals
  • Step 3: Gathering resources
  • Step 4: Making it legal
  • Step 5: Funding
  • Step 6: Marketing strategy
  • Step 7: Learning how to sell


Chapter 3: Standing Out Among Competition

Chapter 4: Setting Future goals

Chapter 5: Profitable Mobile Marketing For Business Strategies

Chapter 6: Products That Sell The Most

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